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Continuing Education Quick View Spring Session - New Secure Online Portal

Use our new secure online portal to search for courses, register, and pay your fees. If you have not yet received a new student number, please call (705) 566-8101, or 1-800-461-7145, extension 3994.

For more help searching for courses click here.

Your student number

The change to a new student system requires that we issue new student numbers. These now start with the letter "A" followed by eight numeric digits. Current students taking non-Continuing Education courses have already been assigned a new student number. If you have ever taken a credit course with us (i.e., one where we assigned a grade), your academic history has been moved to our new student system, and we have created a new student number for you.

    • If you already have a new student number (one starting with "A") and know it, you can proceed to register online by clicking here or to access your myCambrian portal by clicking here.
    • If you don't have a new student number or don't remember it, call us so that we can either confirm it or assign a new one to you.

Registration opens in August for fall courses, in December for winter courses, and in April for spring courses.

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