Cambrian College supports the online delivery of courses using the Moodle learning management system.
Cambrian College supports the online delivery of courses using the Moodle learning management system. Staff responsible for the administration of Moodle will
  • Provide overall guidance and leadership with respect to Cambrian's eLearning environment,
  • Support the use of instructional technology at the college,
  • Produce/direct online content development in collaboration with subject matter experts that include faculty, staff, and external stakeholders, and
  • Work with the Quality Standards Online Review Committee (QSORC) to ensure best practices are followed online course delivery.

The specific Moodle environment that you will use to access your courses depends on whether you are a full-time, part-time, or continuing education student.

Students in Full-Time Program Courses

Starting in September 2013, students in full-time programs will access their online course through the student portal myCambrian. Once logged in to the portal, a list of courses that have an online component will be displayed. To access a course, click on the Home icon.

Continuing Education Students

If you have taken a continuing education course at Cambrian before, log into Moodle using the link to the left using your seven-digit student ID as the username, e.g., C123456, and your current password.

For first-time users of college systems and who have not yet changed the default password assigned by the IT Department, you must reset this password first before you can log into Moodle. Please visit http://citrix.cambriancollege.ca/ and log in using your seven-digit student ID as the username and your date of birth in YYMMDD format as the default password. You will be prompted to change your password upon logging in. Your new password must be at least six characters long and will need to contain at least one lower case character and at least one number or one upper case letter.

After you reset your password please, return to this page and select the “Login – Moodle” link at the left of the page. When prompted, enter your username and reset password.

 Here is an instructional video to help!


To contact a team member about eLearning at Cambrian College, send a message to elearning@cambriancollege.ca.



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