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Advanced Standing 


 Advanced Standing 

Academic Policies

For policies affecting grades and student record, and other academic guidelines, please visit Academic Policies


If you are a university or college graduate, you may be eligible for direct entry into the second year of one or more of the programs, please visit Graduate opportunities.

Advanced Standing and Transfer Credit

Students possessing qualifications beyond the minimum entrance requirement (such as successful completion of course work at another college or university, a professional designation, or Ontario Academic Credit (O.A.C.), may be granted credit for these if, in the opinion of the Dean/Director, the course is equivalent to the corresponding course of study at the College.

Credit may also be granted for prior learning obtained through work or life experience through the prior learning process (refer to the section on Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition).

Every effort is made to facilitate transfer of credits from other colleges or universities.

Students must be aware, however, that programs of study vary from one institution to another, as do specific course requirements.


Transfer Credit/Course Replacement
An official transcript must support each application for transfer credit. For courses taken at another college or university, the student must have obtained a minimum grade of ‘C’ or 60% to be considered. An Ontario Academic Credit (O.A.C.) course requires a minimum grade of ‘B’ or 70% in order to qualify. The transfer credits from other institutions are transcribed on the Academic Record as TC and are not computed into the grade point average.

Credits obtained through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) or transferred within Cambrian College from one program to another will be recorded with the grade earned and the same will be used in the calculation of the grade point average when possible.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
Many adults have acquired learning through work experience, self-study, and volunteer work or through professional development. Assessment of prior learning enables the student to demonstrate that they have the necessary knowledge or skills to successfully obtain college credit, which may then be applied to an appropriate program.

It is not necessary for a student to have been admitted to a program to register for this process, however, it is beneficial to know what program interest he/she has. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities determine the fee for each assessment.

Additional Certificates or Diplomas
Students who have graduated from another college or university program will have their program of study determined in consultation with the program Dean/Director who, in addition to transfer credits, may grant course exemptions. In this case, bulk transfer credits are awarded and an individual program of study is prescribed for the student. Students are advised to contact the Registrar or the program Dean/Director for more information.

Bulk transfer credit may also be considered for a student who has accumulated a number of college credits with an overall ‘C’ average. If a student subsequently changes programs, bulk transfer credits will be reassessed in keeping with specific program requirements.

Note: Credits that are more than five years old may be evaluated to ensure that the skills and competencies are still adequate. This may be achieved by reviewing the course materials, or conducting a written, oral, or skills assessment to ensure that the intervening years have enabled the student to maintain his/her course competency.

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